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In order to better meet the changing needs of academic libraries as innovation subjects, to respond to the evolution of research paradigms, and to explore scientific and efficient knowledge innovation service model, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) has held three sessions of WAL since 2020 together with International Association of University Libraries (IATUL), Tsinghua University Library and The University of Hong Kong Libraries.

During the previous WAL sessions, more than 60 experts and scholars around the world shared their insights, representing University of Oxford, Columbia University, Australian National University, University of Manchester, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Duke University, University of Pittsburgh, George Washington University, National University of Singapore, Keio University, etc. The online speeches displayed the latest research and practice led by the world’s top academic libraries and attracted more than 100,000 views from over 20 countries and regions.

The 4th session of WAL will focus on “Data Empowers a Smarter Library” and invite experts and scholars in the field to explore changes and challenges brought about by library innovations, and discuss ways to effectively promote knowledge dissemination and information sharing. WAL 2023 is planned to concentrate on the following topics:

  • Scientific Research Data Management of Academic Libraries
  • Application of Big Data in Library Management and Services
  • Scholar Data Management & Application and Talent Services
  • Open Science and Construction of Data Resources in Academic Libraries
  • Capacity Framework and Development Strategies of Scientific Data Literacy for Librarians
  • Library Knowledge Service Innovation under the Background of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

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