Dr Lizzie Gadd

Dr Lizzie Gadd

Loughborough University

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Gadd is a scholarly communications specialist working as a Research Policy Manager (Publications) at Loughborough University, UK. She chairs the INORMS Research Evaluation Group, the ARMA Research Evaluation SIG and the LIS-Bibliometrics Forum. She founded The Bibliomagician Blog & was the recipient of the 2020 INORMS Award for Excellence in Research Management Leadership.

    Title: Value-led research evaluation: a practical guide for Open Research
    Abstract: Enabling open research has been hampered by poor, publication-focussed research evaluation mechanisms which start with the availability of bibliometric data, rather than with what the evaluator truly values about the entity under assessment. To support more value-led approaches to research evaluation, the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) Research Evaluation Group (REG) have developed a five-stage framework called ‘SCOPE’. SCOPE starts (S) with what we value about research and has been used by funders, universities and publishers to design evaluations that are (C ) context-sensitive, based on all options (O) for evaluating, and probe (P) deeply to mitigate against unintended consequences, prior to running an evaluation (E ). This session will outline the benefits of the SCOPE framework and use case studies to demonstrate how it can be applied in practice.

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    CHAPTER XXXIII: ROME 07 Jul 2021
    10:50 - 11:10

    Dr Lizzie Gadd, Research Policy Manager at Loughborough University | 'Value-led research evaluation: a practical guide for Open Research'

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