Jean-Claude Burgelman

Jean-Claude Burgelman

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Jean-Claude Burgelman is professor of Open Science Policies and Practices at the Free University of Brussels; Faculty of Social Science and Solvay Business School. He retired on 1-3-2020 from the European Commission as Open Access Envoy and head of unit Open Science at DG RTD. He and his team developed, since 2014, the EC’s polices on open science, the science cloud, open data and access. He joined the European Commission in 1999 as a Visiting Scientist in the Joint Research Centre (the Institute of Prospective Technological Studies - IPTS), where he became Head of the Information Society Unit. In January 2008, he moved to the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (attached to the president of the EC) as adviser for innovation policy. Since 1-10-2008, he joined DG RTD, as advisor and then Head of Unit in charge of top level advisory boards like the European Research and Innovation Area Board, the Innovation for Growth Group and the European Forum for Forward Looking Activities. Till 2000 he was full professor of communication technology policy at the Free University of Brussels, as well as director of its Centre for Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication and was involved in science and technology assessment. He has been visiting professor at the University of Antwerp, the European College of Brughes and the University of South Africa and sits on the editorial boards of several academic journals. He chaired the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Innovation and was a member of its Science Advisory Committee.
    He recently joined the Board of Directors of DONA and became the editor in chief of Frontiers Policy Lab.

    Title: From H-Index to OS-Index. Incentivising the Open Science Uptake Among Scientists by Highlighting Their Open Science Effort
    Abstract: Most experts agree that a very important factor to accelerate the uptake of open science is to establish a system of reward and incentives for it. In fact, the Achilles heel of open science is the lack of recognition for such work at the researcher's level. In this paper, I will advocate a simple solution for this: Build an OS index!

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    CHAPTER XXXIII: ROME 07 Jul 2021
    10:30 - 10:50

    Jean-Claude Burgelman, Vrije Universiteit Brussel | 'From H-Index to OS-Index. Incentivising the Open Science Uptake Among Scientists by Highlighting Their Open Science Effort'

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