Julien Roche

Julien Roche


    Julien Roche served as Director of the libraries of the University of Lille – Sciences and Technologies from 2005 to 2018, where he led a strategic project for the university: the creation of the LILLIAD Innovation Learning Center, to support the innovation process of the university, including a new building opened in September 2016.
    Following a merger of Lille’s three universities he became, in March 2018, director of libraries at the newly enlarged University of Lille. From 2010 to 2016, Julien served on LIBER’s Executive Board. He was also Chair of the LIBER Steering Committee on Reshaping the Research Library and led the Leadership Working Group, which is responsible for two leadership programs: the Emerging Leaders programme (part of the LIBER brand since 2011) and the LIBER Journées programme, launched in 2015. In July 2018, he was elected as LIBER Vice-President.
    Julien Roche also has several national responsibilities including co-chair of the “European and international” college of the French Open Science Committee since July 2018.

    Event: Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe: Rhetoric and Practice
    Title: From Open Access to Open Science, the way forward. National and European initiatives.
    Abstract: Open Science is probably the most challenging issue research stakeholders will have to tackle in the coming years. It will indeed become a key area for research institutions, as pointed out recently by the European Commission in the Towards a 2030 vision on the future of universities in Europe report - https://op.europa.eu/s/oUhE . Many players have published or are currently producing their roadmap for Open Science. This paper will present two important and hopefully helpful initiatives. The former is the LIBER one. Research libraries across Europe are usually in a proeminent position to support Open Science in the research communities. LIBER, the main European association of research libraries, has made an early move in 2018 to help its members by publishing its « LIBER Open Science roadmap », as a central action in its 2018-2022 strategy. The latter is the French one, also published in 2018, leading to the creation of a French national committee for Open Science, able to develop several actions including the coordination of local policies at a national level when relevant or the management of a national fund for Open Science.

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    Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe: Day 1 19 Apr 2021
    14:05 - 14:25

    Julien Roche (University of Lille; LIBER) | 'From Open Access to Open Science, the way forward. National and European initiatives'

    15:15 - 15:55

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