Karin Grönvall

Karin Grönvall

National Library of Sweden

    Karin started her library career at the National Library in the late 90’s, in the early days of the BIBSAM-consortium, working with licensing electronic resources for the higher education sector. She was then recruited to Karolinska Institutet University Library as head of the division of information provision. Karin has been library manager at Södertörn University and at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, focusing on development areas such as student support and data management. She has been part of several working groups for cooperation in the library sector. In 2019, she was appointed National Librarian by the Minister for Higher Education and Research in Sweden.

    Photo : Jann Lipka

    Title: Promotion, coordination and assessment, the mission of the National Library concerning open access to scholarly publications.
    Abstract: One given task for the National Library is to support access to information for higher education and research. Open access to scholarly information fits naturally into that mission and the NL has received a directive from the Swedish Government to promote and coordinate the work of introducing open access to scholarly publications. This task assumes a close cooperation with the universities where the scholarly publication takes place. The cooperation is based, among other things, on the well established collaboration structure for the BIBSAM consortium. The directive also includes submitting a survey and assessment of the national work to the government. The NL works on infrastructural solutions to collect the data needed as well as constituting a platform for strategic discussions.

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    Karin Grönvall, National Librarian, National Library of Sweden | 'Promotion, coordination and assessment, the mission of the National Library concerning open access to scholarly publications'

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