Abeni Wickham

Abeni Wickham


    Abeni holds a PhD in Molecular Physics but gave it all up to create SciFree, a software company with a mission to make research open to the public for free. Why? Because fake news is free, and Science should be free too!

    Apart from building a new tech platform and creating a mostly female led software company, Abeni also volunteers on the NASIG Digital Preservation committee, and tries to help PhDs transition in the careers.

    Chapter XXXVII Focus on Open Science: Stockholm

    Presentation: SciFree Dynamica: Your university innovation for academic publishing
    Abstract: Research, peer-review, and assessment of research integrity are dynamic processes. The end result, which is a published paper, is not enough to honestly assess or explain research progress and implementation. Yet, that paper's costs and workflow pains have grown substantially. How then do we reduce our costs at the library while allowing for innovation that meets the needs of researchers, Universities and funders? Meet SciFree Dynamica, a software as a service tool with faster and better peer-review, free open access, all under the University brand. Dynamica is a tool built with open science and free open access at its core and, innovated to ensure a sustainable and equitable business model for all.

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    Chapter XXXVII - Stockholm 06-02-2022
    14:30 - 14:45

    Abeni Wickham, SciFree

    Presentation: SciFree Dynamica: Your university innovation for academic publishing

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