Alberto Martín-Martín

Alberto Martín-Martín

Granada University

    Alberto Martín-Martín is a lecturer in the department of Library and Information Science at the University of Granada (Spain). His research can be framed within the field of quantitative studies of science. In particular, together with a group of colleagues he has carried out a series of in-depth analyses on the characteristics of the academic search engine Google Scholar and its potential as a source of data for bibliometric analyses. This was the topic of his doctoral thesis, which he defended in June 2019.

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    Chapter XVIII: Budapest 09-17-2019
    10:50 - 11:20

    Google Scholar: Highly Comprehensive Coverage... Inside a Hermetic Black Box

    Google Scholar (GS) is a freely-accessible and widely used academic search engine that indexes academic literature from a broad range of disciplines, document types, and languages. A considerable number of studies have tried to analyse the main characteristics of GS, despite its general lack of transparency (or perhaps because of it). This talk will provide an overview of GS's known strengths and weaknesses as a source bibliographic and citation data, including comparisons with other similar sources. In addition, several prototype web applications that utilize data from GS for bibliometric purposes (at the journal and author levels) will be presented. The talk will end with a discussion on whether GS data can be sustainably collected and reused for a variety of purposes.

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