Alenka Kavčič – Čolić

Alenka Kavčič – Čolić

Head of Library Research Centre of National and University Library in Ljubljana

    Dr. Alenka Kavčič Čolić is the Head of Library Research Centre of National and University Library in Ljubljana. She is Chief-in-Editor of the Slovenian scientific journal Knjižnica, which is accessible free of charge. She is investigating the possibilities to publish this journal in open access. Since 2001 Alenka Kavčič-Čolić took part in many European and national research projects as researcher and as manager. Her field of research and work is primarily digital preservation of digital heritage (web archiving and digital preservation methodologies). From 2012-2013 she took part in the national digital preservation working group supported by the Ministry of Culture aimed to the preparation of the national guidelines for digitisation, preservation and access to digital cultural heritage, task. Alenka Kavčič-Čolić is also very active in IFLA. She was member of the Standing Committee of the IT Section: from 2009-2011 she was elected Secretary of the Standing Committee and from 2011-2013 she was the Chair of the Section. Since 2013-2017 she was elected as member of the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section. Dr. Alenka Kavčič Čolić studied Spanish Language and Literature at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain, and has been graduated at the University of Belgrade in former Yugoslavia. She holds a MSc in Information Sciences and a PhD in Library Sciences from the University of Zagreb, Croatia

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