Andreas Gamerith

Andreas Gamerith

Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

    Andreas Gamerith studied art history in Vienna and Rome, specialising in questions of Baroque monumental painting and its development in Europe. Since 2010 lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, since 2013 librarian and archivist at Stift Zwettl. As a curator, he oversaw several exhibitions, including the new presentation of the "Wunderkammer" in Kremsmünster (2022). In addition to his academic activities, he also works as a painter - the reconstruction of the Great Cascade of Schlosshof goes back to his design, and he created a new altar altarpiece for the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I in Wiener Neustadt (2019).

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    Chapter XLII: Budapest 11-14-2023
    13:55 - 14:20

    The reconstruction of the Spitalkirche Röhrenbach as a Citizen Science programme

    Due to Andreas Gamerith`s research focus on Baroque monumental painting and his specialisation in the painter Paul Troger (1698 - 1762), he was able to help revitalise a culturally and historically valuable building whose destruction was foreseeable: the hospital of Röhrenbach (1737). Not only the fresco decoration of the historic building is remarkable in this context, but also the processes of the social micro-society of a village developed in a special way in this project. In 6,000 hours of voluntary work so far, most of which was done by a group of about 20 retired inhabitants of the village, a new village centre was created since 2021, which tries to develop a link between high culture and everyday life, older people and primary school children.

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