Arend Küster

Arend Küster

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    Arend Küster is Director Academic Affairs at Springer Nature. Arend has been working in the publishing industry for over 25 years as an enthusiastic, international senior executive with deep experience in STM business strategy, sales and marketing, and academic & professional journal development. Arend is particularly passionate in developing sustainable and innovative publishing solutions and contributing to the global transition to Open Research. After working in Open Research in China and the Middle East, he is bringing the global context to develop strategic relationships with funders and research institution.

    Title: Trust Matters: Building an understanding of the publishing process in an open research environment
    Trust not only plays a central part in building consistency for open research but is also of great importance in the publication process and for the interaction between funders, researchers, research organisations and publishers. Who do you trust and why and how to make this process more transparent is one of the central questions within the publishing process which goes far beyond producing pdfs and managing peer review. This talk will assess the points of trust with a publisher and highlight where and how we at Springer Nature are aiming to increase trust in an open research environment.

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    Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe: Day 1 04-19-2021
    14:45 - 15:15

    Lightning Talks

    - Elli Papadopoulou (IMSI) | 'Open Science evolution in the Greek landscape: policies, synergies and EOSC'
    - Arend Küster ( Springer Nature) | 'Trust Matters: Building an understanding of the publishing process in an open research environment'
    - Milen Baltov (Burgas Free University) | 'DOORS “opening” - Octavian Andronic (Carol Davila University) | 'Open Science - are we really open for it?'

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