Balázs Réffy

Balázs Réffy

Akadémiai Kiadó

    Dr. Balázs Réffy is the CEO of Akadémiai Kiadó since 2014. He is a chemical engineer with a PhD. in Chemistry. After 13 years of research on structural chemistry in an institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science he joined Akadémiai Kiadó in 2006. In 2008 he got an MBA at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is the Vice-President of the American Chemical Society Hungarian Chapter since 2015.

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    Chapter XVIII: Budapest 09-17-2019
    01:50 - 02:20

    The Impact of EISZ Transformative Agreements

    Electronic Information Service National Programme has been providing access for scientific content for Hungarian research institutions since 2001. The strategic direction of the consortium changed considerably in 2018, when we signed our first transformative agreement. Since then, the consortium was actively pursuing the inclusion of OA publishing elements in national-level agreements. By September 2019, EISZ, together with its member institutions, implemented transformative agreements with a high number of publishers, becoming one of the pioneers of the global movement which aims to change scholarly communications by negotiating transformative agreements with subscription publishers. The first part of the presentation will summarise the progress of the last 1,5 years from the consortium’s point of view, assessing the economic, organisational, scientific impact of EISZ transformative agreements, and laying out aims for future developments. In the second part, the audience will hear more from the Hungarian publisher Akadémiai Kiadó on their perspective on transformative agreements, and the impact of these on their portfolio. Akadémiai Kiadó was founded in 1828 by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and is now majority owned by Wolters Kluwer. It is Hungary’s oldest continuously operating publishing house and one of the largest scientific publishers in Central and Eastern Europe. Its portfolio includes international peer-reviewed journals, conference series and online scientific content services.

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