Carmen Reverté

Carmen Reverté


    Datasteward at IRTA (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology). Experienced Information Specialist with more than 17 years working in the research industry and knowledge management in IRTA, Catalonia, Spain. Skilled in Taxonomy, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Data Interoperability. Strong information technology professional with a PhD in Library and Information Science from Universitat de Barcelona focused on semantic interoperability in agrifood and aquatic sciences.

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    Chapter XL: Barcelona 03-28-2023
    10:45 - 11:05

    Data management support services at IRTA: How to encourage open science for researchers

    The overview of the strategic context in which the RDM has appeared on the IRTA agenda is presented, and the key drivers and problems for researchers between 2017-2023. Analysis of RDM research support activities and roles to encourage open science and good research data management practices.

    11:55 - 12:25

    Panel Discussion

    Chaired by Ignasi Labastida, Director of the Office for the Dissemination of Knowledge at University of Barcelona

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