Dorina Dobi

Dorina Dobi

University of Milano

    PhD Student

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    Chapter XLIII: Sorbonne 12-12-2023
    15:55 - 16:05

    DMP for PhD students and their supervisor in Milano university

    As open as possible as closed as necessary: RDM training for PhD students and their supervisors at the University of Milan This presentation outlines the details and execution of a training initiative started at the University of Milan three years ago. It involves the joint training of ten phd students each year spanning diverse academic disciplines and their respective supervisors. The training focuses on FAIR data management principles and the skills required for crafting Data Management Plans (DMPs). This training effort is a collaborative endeavor, involving the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), and as of this year, the Data Protection Officer (DPO) support office as well. The primary objective is to establish specialized hubs of knowledge within university laboratories and departments. Three years into the project, initial assessments and comments will be made.

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