Elwin Gardeur

Elwin Gardeur


    Elwin Gardeur is the European Sales Director of Figshare, a digital repository that allows researchers to publish and share the results of their research. Previously, he collaborated with the Institute of Physics (IOP) and SpringerNature (Springer) in various sales positions. In his current work, he focuses on different issues connected with open research data and he actively supports the Open Access movement.

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    Chapter X: Vienna 11-16-2018
    11:55 - 12:05

    Sponsor Talk: The State of Open Data 2018

    Figshare’s annual report, The State of Open Data 2018, looks at global attitudes towards open data. It includes survey results of researchers and a collection of articles from industry experts, as well as a foreword from Ross Wilkinson, Director, Global Strategy at Australian Research Data Commons. The report is the third in the series and the survey results continue to show encouraging progress that open data is becoming more embedded in the research community. The key finding is that open data has become more embedded in the research community – 64% of survey respondents reveal they made their data openly available in 2018. However, a surprising number of respondents (60%) had never heard of the FAIR principles, a guideline to enhance the reusability of academic data.

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