Emily Newsome

Emily Newsome

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    Emily Newsome is Marketing Manager for the UK & Europe library sector, working in Oxfordshire for Taylor & Francis, a global academic publisher of books, journals and digital resources. Emily has been working in academic publishing for more than three years, prior to which she worked in branding and as a copywriter for magazines and websites. She enjoys talking to customers and discussing how she and Taylor & Francis can help to provide them with solutions to their challenges. She is passionate about the dissemination of academic work around the world and meeting new people.

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    Chapter VII: Gdansk 09-25-2018
    15:10 - 15:30

    Sponsor Talk: eBooks in your Library: Discoverability, Communication and the Future of eBooks

    Be part of a conversation on the different elements of academic eBooks including discoverability, communication and the future of eBooks. All librarians are welcome to this presentation, which is also going to outline various science-related eBooks and digital products and how you can use them in your role. For example, listen to the differences between the Combined Chemical Dictionary vs. the Dictionary of Natural Products. Share your experiences and opinions on eBooks and what can be done to make eBook platforms easier and more convenient for you to use. Give feedback on what works well and what doesn’t when using eBooks in the sciences, and listen to others talk about their views on eBooks.

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