Eugenio Garcia

Eugenio Garcia

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    Eugenio Garcia holds a degree in law, a masters degree from IESE Business School Barcelona, and speaks 4 languages. He started his career at Elsevier in 2003, initially in the academic and government market for Spain and Portugal, and later as manager of the Southern European region. He has been working in the EMEA/LA Health Sciences department since 5 years, initially as EMEA Manager for Non Direct channels, where he expanded the electronic distribution together with major agents in the region, and since 2014 as Sales Director EMEA/LA. Ever since he started working for the Health Sciences division, one of his main goals has been to support countries in providing better health services to citizens.

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    Chapter IX: Budapest 11-15-2018
    12:40 - 13:00

    Sponsor Talk: Elsevier innovations in teaching medicine and bringing knowledge to citizens. The case of cervical cancer in the Amazon jungle

    Elsevier mission is leading the way in health. As part of that mission, our company dedicates a substantial amount of efforts and resources on innovation. This time we would like to show why and how have we developed the most innovative solution for educating future doctors and helping them solving major regional problems. We will also show an example of that in Brazil. Connected to our company mission, statistics across the globe show improvements in incidence of cervical cancer in Brazil, this preventable disease still remains the number one cancer killing women in the Amazon. Elsevier is working closely with organizations in overcoming the regional challenges with the goal of improving outcomes and ultimately supporting the eradication of cervical cancer.

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