Ezio Tarantino

Ezio Tarantino

Sapienza University of Rome

    Ezio Tarantino is director of the Library system of the La Sapienza University of Rome, where he has worked since 1993. Previously, he was head of the library of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, then Director of the Library of the Department of Aeronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering and finally of the General Library "E. Barone”of the Faculty of Economics. He was vice president of the CNBA (National Coordination of Architectural Libraries) in the three-year period 2001-2003. He has been a lecturer in numerous training courses and speaker at conferences and seminars on all issues related to electronic bibliographic resources, from acquisition to rights management, e-books and open access. Member of CARE (Italian National Consortium for the acquisition of bibliographic electronic resources) from 2014 to today.

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    CHAPTER XXXIII: ROME 07-07-2021
    12:20 - 12:30

    Closing remarks: Ezio Tarantino, Sapienza University of Rome

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