Federica Rosetta

Federica Rosetta


    As Director of Global Strategic Networks at Elsevier, Federica Rosetta is involved in the development of strategic initiatives and external collaborations with the academic community and science policymakers in the Nordic countries and the EU. In this capacity, she publicly engages in debates around open science, from data innovation to citizen science, open access and alternative metrics. Her experience in scientific publishing, earned in 14 years at Elsevier, spans from marketing communications to publishing and business development. Her passion for publishing traces back to her master’s degree in Literature, Press and Publishing History from Università degli Studi di Milano.

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    Chapter VI: Ljubljana 09-11-2018
    11:15 - 11:35

    Open Science, FAIR data and effective data management

    The ambition to open up data and make them FAIR, requires effective Research Data Management. Libraries are equipping themselves to support researchers’ data needs, but are often confronted with the lack of proper infrastructures, technical knowledge gaps and various degrees of resistance in academic communities. It’s clear that for Open Data to thrive, a cultural change and specific skill sets are required. This presentation will focus on the results of the Open Data: The Researcher Perspective report, and look at the role and needs of librarians in research data management.

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