Graham Woodward

Graham Woodward


    I am your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who works alongside your Account Manager, to ensure you and your end users have the resources and support needed to gain the most value from your Wiley partnership. ​ My job is to provide you personalized support and custom resources for the Wiley products your institution uses. I will work for you to discover innovative ways Wiley can support your researchers and your institution’s leaders I have over 20 years Marketing and Customer Success experience, working in diverse and global subject and product based teams.

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    Presentation: Advancing to an Open Future

    Research published open access is presented without barriers, enabling a wider dissemination of information among academics and the public alike at a time when public health, environmental challenges, food and energy security, and a host of pressing, global issues require evidence-based solutions. Over recent years the transition to open access has been accelerated through the provision of transformational agreements that offer authors a straightforward, funder-compliant mechanism for open access publication. In this presentation, we look at how these agreements and a wider open access strategy are shaping the future of research communication at Wiley.

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    Chapter XXXIX: Budapest 8/11/2022
    10:10 - 10:30

    Graham Woodward, Associate Customer Success Director, Wiley

    Sponsor Presentation: Advancing to an Open Future

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