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James Tapp

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    James Tapp has spent his career working with organisations to identify and solve organisational challenges through the use of technology in complex mission-critical environments that require the integration of a wide range of disparate data sources. Today, as head of the UK, Ireland and Northern-European business for Ex Libris, he and his team work with many types of institutions to address challenges in the areas of library management and experience, enhanced teaching and learning outcomes and the management, discoverability and promotion of research data. James holds a BSc (Hons) Computing Systems from Nottingham Trent University.

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    Chapter XI: Dublin 11-29-2018
    11:20 - 11:40

    Sponsor Talk: Libraries and Research Assets – The Need for a New Approach

    Many in the academia recognize the need for a better, more integrated approach for managing research assets throughout the research cycle – a systematic data management approach that would eliminate duplication of effort, reduce the burden on individual stakeholders, and – above all – would support the institutional goal of increasing the impact of research output. Academic libraries are often at the crossroads of increasing their involvement in supporting research output and improving research data management and are already providing a measure of centralized coherence in their support of academic research. In this session, we will discuss the potential role that libraries can play in driving this transition, by leveraging their expertise in data curation, resource management, and content dissemination, and the infrastructure needed for supporting these processes. We will aim to inspire a conversation around the need for a new, comprehensive approach to research data services. The session will also look at a possible solution via a new library–led initiative being launched (Ex Libris Esploro) that brings together a number of universities and Ex Libris in order to develop a new approach to increase visibility, impact and compliance of research outputs and data while serving the multiple stakeholders.

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