Javiera Atenas

Javiera Atenas

Latin American Initiative for Open Data

    Javiera Atenas is a co-coordinator of the Open Education Working Group and the Education Lead at the Latin American Initiative for Open Data [ILDA]. She is an Information Scientist with a PhD in Education and also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. @jatenas

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    Chapter XVI: London 05-23-2019
    14:10 - 15:20

    Breakout Group 5: On the Trail of OE Policy Co-creation

    Room 828, 8th Floor, IOE Building

    By using a policy canvas and change cards, we encourage participants to consider issues such as who needs to be involved in the policy-making process, and who is needed to implement the policy considering the local context and the sociocultural issues at play, alongside with and other policies or regulatory models to draw upon. The main elements reviewed in this co-creation policy workshop which will be reviewed by the participants can be seen in the following categories. 1. Process and Partners 2. Context 3. Stakeholders 4. Solutions & Approaches 5. Policy opportunities 6. Policy challenges 7. Key Elements 8. Evidence 9. Beneficiaries 10. Risks Participants will discuss the 10 key elements and will use the cards to exchange ideas to co-create and draft a policy that can be support open education, open science and open access. Open Science Salon is a series of talks aimed at sharing some of the key components in open science practice, alongside some of the emerging or latest tools. It was born out of the fact that many people I spoke too were keen on open science in principal but were not familiar with how to do things – like share data on line, or pre-print papers – or didn’t have anyone to discuss their concerns and questions with.

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