Johan Rooryck

Johan Rooryck

Plan S

    Johan Rooryck is Executive Director of cOAlition S and the editor-in-chief of the Diamond Open Access journal Glossa: a journal of general linguistics since 2016. From 1999 to 2015, he was the executive editor of Lingua (Elsevier), when its Editorial Team and Board, as well as its reader and author community, decided to leave Lingua to found Glossa. He also is a founding member and president of the Fair Open Access Alliance (FOAA) and Linguistics in Open Access (LingOA). He is a member of the Academia Europaea, and a visiting professor at Leiden University.


    Plan S and the transition to Open Access beyond 2024

    In this talk I will provide an overview of policies and tools cOAlition S has put in place to accelerate the transition to immediate open access. cOAlition S is currently considering policy options beyond 2024, the date that was originally indicated as the endpoint of the transition. Since these options have not been decided yet, I will provide a sketch of an ideal situation that could take shape after 2024 as a result of our policies, tools, and initiatives.

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    Chapter XXXVII - Stockholm 06-02-2022
    13:20 - 13:40

    Johan Rooryck, Plan S

    Presentation: Plan S and the transition to Open Access beyond 2024

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