Julien Sempéré

Julien Sempéré

Université Paris-Saclay

    Julien Sempéré is the Director of the Libraries, Information and Open Science department, and the Lumen Learning Center project manager at Paris-Saclay University. He holds a doctorate in history and his research focuses on the circulation of information and its effects on diplomacy and trade in the modern era. His professional experience and his engagements lead him to be especially interested in the methods of change management, in the organizational structure of institutions and the monitoring of new usages and practices.

    Title: Open Science initiatives at Université Paris-Saclay
    Abstract: The Université Paris-Saclay was created in 2020 as a leading scientific cluster. It has identified Open Science as a priority. As a comprehensive university, Paris-Saclay deploys its research in 275 laboratories, with nearly 10,000 researchers. Within the university, the Department of Libraries, Information and Open Science (DiBISO) is responsible for deploying a range of services in this area. In a very dynamic national (Second National Plan for Open Science) and international context, DiBISO is working with the entire university to provide services to the research community. One of the main challenges is to develop a service offer with scientific and technical information professionals within the university and associated institutions. The issues of coordination and collective organization are thus at the heart of the problem of open science services.

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    CHAPTER XXXIV: PARIS 12-16-2021
    15:15 - 15:35

    Julien Sempéré, Director of the Libraries, Information and Open Science Department and Lumen Learning Center Project Manager – Université Paris-Saclay: Open Science initiatives at Université Paris-Saclay

    15:55 - 16:30

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