Katarzyna Gaca-Zając, PhD

Katarzyna Gaca-Zając, PhD


    Katarzyna Gaca-Zając, PhD Eng., is a graduate of University of Strathclyde, with almost a decade of experience in research and teaching at an academic level in Europe; a specialist in polymer chemistry and studies of chemical reactions’ kinetics. Currently a Customer Consultant for Central-Eastern Europe in Elsevier. A knowledgeable expert on scientific databases and Elsevier solutions for researchers and information specialists, who is passionate about ethics in scientific publishing, as well as about widely understood bibliometrics.

    Open Access and Open Science: making it happen
    The presentation will provide an overview of how Open Science and Open Access can be facilitated and enabled through a variety of recent initiatives, which began to change the landscape of Open Science in Europe. Examples of initiatives driven by Elsevier, as well as an overview of recently signed pilot agreements will be given to reflect the aforementioned changes. Alongside these, an overview of the value of publishing data in an open model will be given, while addressing the most common fears and misconceptions of the authors.

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    Chapter XX: Kaunas 10-29-2019
    14:45 - 15:15

    Dr Katarzyna Gaca-Zając, Elsevier: Open Access and Open Science: making it happen

    Open Access and Open Science: making it happen

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