Lőrinc Vajda

Lőrinc Vajda

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    Lőrinc Vajda has been working at Akadémiai Kiadó for over 15 years in various roles in the field of academic book and journal publishing. After several years of experience as publishing editor he led the book publishing department and managed its digital transformation. As the head of the recently merged book and journal editorial team his mission is to create and exploit synergies between the two areas: to find where and how they can learn from each other.

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    Chapter XLII: Budapest 11-14-2023
    10:40 - 11:00

    Books and journals in transformation: moving on the same track in different rhythm

    Is it possible to succeed in transforming the very traditional scholarly book publishing into a modern and sustainable model with an innovative approach and by implementing some of the best practices commonly known in journal publishing? The presentation would give a short overview of a possible way to achieve this, as a case study with a special regard to the openness and visibility of science both in the book and the journal portfolio.

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