Lewis Nebel

Lewis Nebel


    Lewis Nebel (he/him) is the Open Access Operations Manager at Sage, leading a team with the mission statement to provide a frictionless operational experience for authors, institutions, and consortia publishing Open Access research across Sage’s Hybrid and Gold OA portfolio. Having worked in Open Access since the start of his career, he has maintained a focus on improving the implementation of Open Access models at different publishers. Utilising data and customer feedback to provide insights and direct continuous improvement efforts, his understanding of the OA landscape is extensive, and helps Sage continue their drive to support making research more open and accessible.

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    Chapter XLII: Budapest 11-14-2023
    13:35 - 13:55

    Automating Open Access at Sage

    As we strive towards a future of more open and accessible science, it’s important to understand the technological advancements required to keep pace with the rapidly increasing scale of the Open Access model. This presentation will explore the ongoing work to innovate and automate Open Access publishing at Sage, aiming to provide a smooth and simple journey for researchers, institutions, and consortia. The Sage Open Access Portal has been developed as a bespoke system which can be adapted to the changing OA landscape and accommodate emerging transformative publishing models, supporting over 900 Hybrid journals alongside a portfolio of 200+ Gold Open Access titles covering the full scope of STM and HSS subjects, as well as exploring alternative publishing models such as Subscribe to Open. As an independent company, Sage is free to think beyond transactional publishing and instead focus on producing and enabling knowledge for future scholars and for those using that scholarship in the real world. This provides the opportunity to champion new ideas that advance disciplines and create teaching and research solutions that create a more equitable academic future.

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