Lluis Anglada

Lluis Anglada


    Lluís Anglada is director of Open Science in the CSUC (Consortium of Services for the Universities of Catalonia). Before, he was director of the CBUC (Consortium of Catalan Academic Libraries) and the director of the Catalonia Technical University Libraries. He has been active in different professional associations and committees at Catalan and Spanish level. He is a member of SPARC Europe executive board, and he served on LIBER executive board and OCLC Global Council. He has published over 40 articles and book chapters.

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    Chapter V: Barcelona 06-20-2018
    11:55 - 12:30

    The action plan for Open Science of the universities of Catalonia

    The CSUC is born on January 1st, 2014, as a conjunction between two consortia, CESCA (ICT infrastructures) and CBUC (library services). Recently, CSUC decided to create an area focused on Open Science. The OS area is to collaborate with universities to reduce the effort of adaptation to the Open Science requirements and to increase the visibility of the research done in Catalonia. The main activities of the Open Science action plan are 3: open metadata, open access, and open data. We also created the Portal of the Catalan Research and maintain cooperative repositories.

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