Mag. Beate Guba MSc

Mag. Beate Guba MSc

Library Director TU Wien

Mag. Beate Guba MSc studied German and Classical Philology at the University of Vienna as well as library and information management at the Danube University Krems. But she knows the diverse challenges at universities not only through her studies, but also from her various professional activities.

She was a research assistant at the University of Vienna and lecturer at the Université de Bordeaux and the University of Vaasa . Afterwards she was the managing director of the Medical Research Society Salzburg, responsible for the digital library of the Salzburg State Clinics and the Paracelsus Medical Private University.

From there she moved to the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology Assessment in Vienna, where, in her role as information manager, she set up the library, an English-German-language digital repository and the website, and carried out systematic literature searches for research projects.

For the last eight years, Beate Guba headed the Business & Management Library of the Technical University of Berlin, which received several awards during this time, e.g. for its innovation management and its comprehensive blended learning program for imparting information skills to students and doctoral candidates. It implemented a holistic quality management system that, based on the model of the European Foundation for Quality Management, supports a strategic overall control of the facility, promotes the development of efficient processes and sustainable results and relies on the regular involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

In addition to quality and process management as well as strategic management, organizational development and personnel management were other areas of focus for Beate Guba. These are a prerequisite for ensuring continuous, customer-oriented further development of a library's service portfolio. She sees an even stronger alignment of library services with the respective processes in study, teaching and research as an important task in her new field of activity.

Due to increasing digitization and technological developments, future-oriented publication services and sustainable research data management will be a particular focus. Beate Guba would like to expand the role of the library as a place of learning and social meeting point and create working environments that promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation at the university. In her private life, Beate Guba is interested in film, modern art and architecture. She also finds inspiration while traveling. She is very grateful for her experience abroad and is happy to be able to contribute the added value she has gained at the Technical University of Vienna.

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Chapter XXIX: Vienna 11-20-2020
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