Martin Szomszor

Martin Szomszor

Institute for Scientific Information

    Dr. Martin Szomszor is Head of Research Analytics at the Institute for Scientific Information. In his previous role as Chief Data Scientist at Digital Science, Martin applied his extensive knowledge of machine learning, data integration, and visualisation techniques to solving various research evaluation questions and supported the development of new metrics on interdisciplinarity and collaboration. He founded the Global Research Identifier Database (GRID) and was named a 2015 top-50 UK Information Age data leader for his work in creating the REF2015 impact case studies database for the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). He was previously Deputy Head of Centre at the City eHealth Research Centre (2009-2011) where he led research on the use of social media for epidemic intelligence and was Chair of the 4th International Conference on Electronic Healthcare for the 21st Century. Martin was also a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton (2006-2009) where he worked on various Linked Data, Semantic Web, and Social Network analyses projects. Martin has a BSc and PhD in Computer Science.

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    Chapter XVIII: Budapest 09-17-2019
    10:30 - 10:50

    The Future of Research Evaluation

    The research evaluation agenda is evolving to include more than just academic impact. Stakeholders are shifting focus from research quality to research delivery, demanding more accountability and transparency on the research investment. The conceptualisation and tracking of the wider socio-economic impact of research is now firmly on the agenda and requires a broader range of data sources and more subtle interpretation of metrics and indicators. The ISI presentation will provide a historical perspective, giving details of how the current approaches have been developed and where they are heading.

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