Massimiliano Carloni

Massimiliano Carloni

Clarivate Analytics

    Massimiliano Carloni (47) graduated in Electronic Engineering at Tor Vergata, E-MBA at MiB in 2008. He has been operating for over 18 years in Sales & Marketing in different sectors and markets. Massimiliano is married and a father of two daughters. Since March 2013, he has been working in Clarivate Analytics (at that time Thomson Reuters) as Solution Consultant being in charge of pre- and post-sales customer support for European customers. Previously he was in charge of the Italian Top Accounts of Elsevier. He has developed a deep knowledge of the academic publishing market, paying particular attention to digital platforms. Previously, he served for five years in the defence industry, at a multinational company (Northrop Grumman), dealing with strategic marketing, business development and institutional relations.

    All Sessions by Massimiliano Carloni

    Chapter II: Budapest 11-22-2017
    14:10 - 14:30

    Sponsored talk: Current status of Open Access publications

    A state of the art assessment of how Open Access publications are represented in a worldwide flagship database. Looking at real and updated data, discover if and how Open Access is improving in Hungary and in other European countries. Go deeper in analysing the real full impact of all types of Open Access publications and find out which are the news we are preparing for you!

    Chapter III: Ljubljana 11-24-2017
    09:50 - 10:10

    Sponsor Talk: Overtaking the traditional limitation of Social Sciences representation

    The Publishing Journal landscape has traditionally neglected Social Sciences but in recent years, the need for better coverage and evaluation has changed the situation. Journal Indexes has developed selection criteria more fit to Social Sciences (see ESCI) and articles and reviews are not anymore the only document types taken into consideration: conference proceedings, book and books chapters and also datasets are paving the way to an improved representation of Social Sciences scholarly activities.

    Chapter IV: Rome 05-17-2018
    09:55 - 10:15

    Sponsored Talk: Current status of Open Access in Italy

    A state of the art assessment of how is behaving Open Access in Italy, getting a deeper insight via Web of Science Core Collection and the new OA features developed in collaboration with ImpactStory. Looking at real and updated data, discover if and how Open Access is improving in Italy and in other European countries. Also find out how Open Access publications are performing in terms of impact, exploiting InCites capabilities.

    Chapter VI: Ljubljana 09-11-2018
    10:25 - 10:45

    Slovenia and Open Access adoption: findings from Clarivate solutions

    Clarivate paved the way for making Open Access much more discoverable, integrating Unpaywall and disseminating it for the first time in the researcher workflow and in several solutions. After almost one year since this project inception, Clarivate will be here presenting data and critical analysis concerning Slovenian adoption. Is Open Access production really bumping and above all is really supporting the research landscape in making a bigger impact?

    Chapter IX: Budapest 11-15-2018
    09:45 - 10:05

    Sponsor Talk: A data-based analysis of Open Access trend

    Open Access is growing across the publishing landscape and OA articles can now be identified much more easily than before, but which is the real trend of Open Access? How OA is impacting the value of journals and which impact are OA articles producing? And again: is the Open Access reporting the same success everywhere and in all research areas? Clarivate paved the way for making OA much more discoverable, introducing it for the first time in the researcher workflow and will be here presenting contextualized data and results of such a consolidated experience.

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