Milen Baltov

Milen Baltov

Burgas Free University

    Prof. Milen Baltov, PhD is himself an example of the transition from an entrepreneur and a business consultant to the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups to an academic and researcher in the field. Prof. Baltov is a member of the Assembly to the Board outlining the Horizon Europe mission for Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters, and a co-chair of the Group of seniour officials (structured by DG R&I) for the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the Black Sea (BS-SRIA), further upgrading the ideas of the Burgas vision paper endorsed during the Bulgarian EU Council chairmanship. For the moment, he is a Vice Rector of the Burgas Free University, and a country representative in the Programming Committee for the European Innovation Council (EIC), under the EU Horizon Europe Programme

    Title: "DOORS “opening”
    The "Developing Optimal and Open Research Support for the Black Sea" (DOORS) project is the biggest EU research project (now under Horizon 2020) for some 10 mln EUR up to now directly targeted towards the Black Sea marine issues. DOORS is to bring the four pillars of the Black Sea SRIA into reality, turning the challenges into opportunities for a highly valued Black Sea. It will harmonise research and provide the infrastructure to better understand the Black Sea, particular ecosystem characteristics, develop the framework to support Blue Growth and early development of start-ups, and provide evidence to inform policy and behavioural change. To reach its ambitious objectives, the project team will work closely with stakeholders from the start to develop an open research system and establish a framework to support continuous stakeholder dialogue. DOORS will implement three Work Programmes: a System of Systems to harmonise approaches and provide an accessible data repository, a Blue Growth Accelerator to support enterprise, and Knowledge Transfer and Training to share best practice and build capacity. These will: • Engage stakeholders through communication, dissemination and training activities to raise awareness, build capacity and foster a stronger Black Sea identity • Harmonise data collation, analysis and access to optimise data use in decision and policy making • Strengthen the Black Sea scientific network through new collaborations, and bridge the gap between science and policy • Provide a range of products to support Black Sea innovation and enterprise DOORS will have long-lasting impact by giving stakeholders in the region the skillsets and understanding to: • Implement key policies and legislation • Improve environmental quality and reduce pollution risk • Design measures to mitigate pollution and remediate historically contaminated areas • Become resilient communities • Realise and sustainably develop potential economic growth for future well-being • Build capacity in existing industries, develop new start-ups and become actively involved in delivering Blue Growth • Create ocean informed citizens to better understand Black Sea’s potential."

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    Building Consistency for Open Science in Europe: Day 1 04-19-2021
    14:45 - 15:15

    Lightning Talks

    - Elli Papadopoulou (IMSI) | 'Open Science evolution in the Greek landscape: policies, synergies and EOSC'
    - Arend Küster ( Springer Nature) | 'Trust Matters: Building an understanding of the publishing process in an open research environment'
    - Milen Baltov (Burgas Free University) | 'DOORS “opening” - Octavian Andronic (Carol Davila University) | 'Open Science - are we really open for it?'

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