Sándor Soós

Sándor Soós

Hungarian Academy of Sciences

    Dr. Sándor Soós is a senior researcher in scientometrics and science studies. He’s the head of the Department of Science Policy and Scientometrics at the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He earned his PhD in cognitive science, on the subject of the mathematical modelling of the cognitive structure of scientific discourses, and has been a researcher in the field of science modelling and scientometrics for ten years. He earned a János Bolyai Research Grant in the field of science mapping, and contributed, as institutional PI, to various national and international large-scale research projects in S&T policy, such as SISOB (Science in Society Observatory, 2010—2013, FP7, Evaluating the Outcomes of European SSH research, 2014—2017, FP7). He has given numerous invited talks on the topic of scientometrics and research evaluation, both at a national and international level, and actively collaborates with national actors in S&T policy. He is also the chair of the Scientometric Committee established for the development of the Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography (MTMT).

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    Chapter IX: Budapest 11-15-2018
    11:30 - 12:05

    Scientometric frameworks for practical open science management: going beyond the rhetoric

    Implementing open access policies in practice, or utilizing the possibilities of open science requires serious evidence-based planning for academic institutions acting within the market of scientific information. Scientometrics and bibliometrics naturally plays an outstanding role in informing these strategies, and are often being exploited by publishers for marketing purposes as well. We argue, however, that the most popular scientometrics-based arguments, – relying on concepts such as the „size of output” and „impact” – used to persuade research managers to agree on subscriptions, or to establish a subscription portfolio or an open-access deal, or even to promote Open Science facilities for research evaluation are mostly rhetorical, and usually miss the points or questions crucial to the „optimal” choices. In this presentation, we propose various scientometric frameworks to address the following two broad questions: (1) What „metrics” of the target community’s publication strategies provide best support for negotiating deals and for substituting subscriptions with OA-solutions (2) What can scientometrics offer for assessing or establishing the practical value of Open Science facilities (data sources, metrics tools etc.) for research evaluation.

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