Sabina Anderberg

Sabina Anderberg

Stockholm University

    Master´s degree in Library and Information Science, University of Borås
    Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology from University of Gothenburg
    Member of;
    The National Research Data Working Group, The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions
    The EOSC Reference Group , The Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions The National EOSC Reference Group , The Swedish Research Council
    The EOSC Task Force Group Upskilling countries to engage in EOSC

    Title: From an idea to the implementation of a central storage service at Stockholm University
    Abstract: Stockholm University has been developing and implementating a local infrastructure and support for RDM services since 2016 in order to support the transition to an open scholarly system and fulfill the responsibilities of the University and the needs of the researchers. This lightning talk will focus on our latest service for a new central storage solution and the strategies and work to get it in place. Stockholm University offers a new structure for storing research data that is available to researchers and doctoral students at Stockholm University. The storage solution is based on a private cloud solution offered via Sunet (Swedish University Computer Network). The service is offered to researchers and doctoral students whom are allocated a free storage space of 200 Gigabyte, after which it is possible to order additional storage space to a reasonable price. The solution offers the opportunity to both share and control access to data within and outside Stockholm University in accordance with regulations.

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