Tamir Borensztajn

Tamir Borensztajn


    Tamir Borensztajn has served as EBSCO’s Vice President of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Strategy since 2014. In this role, Tamir helps inform and present EBSCO’s software strategy while working with libraries worldwide to understand their systems and software needs. Prior to joining EBSCO, Tamir served as Executive Director, Public Sector Innovation EMEA at Infor. He is a graduate of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a master’s degree in Library Science from Simmons University in Boston.

    Chapter XXXIX of Focus on Open Science: Budapest

    Presentation: A focus on Open: Decentralizing Knowledge with Open Source and Open Data

    Open source and open data provide for unique opportunities to decentralize knowledge. Anyone can access and use open-source software and share knowledge to create better workflows and deliver much-needed innovation for libraries. With open data, libraries can more readily share information and disseminate knowledge. This presentation will discuss EBSCO’s approach to open-source software and its support for the FOLIO open-source library services platform. The presenter will further discuss how open linked data enables better collaboration, the sharing of knowledge, and the delivery of information to any user anywhere.

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    Chapter IX: Budapest 11-15-2018
    14:55 - 15:15

    Sponsor Talk: Open, open access and discovery

    Sending information “forth to the world” has become easier than ever, but it is still not trouble-free. The question today is one of discoverability. How can we ensure that those in need of relevant information can readily find it? It goes without saying that the subject of discoverability takes on additional significance in the context of open access. Open Access research is only impactful, after all, if it gets found. This is where discovery systems should come in. Users, after all, want to be assured that they have access to valuable open access content and the technology underlying the discovery system is paramount to user success. This presentation will look at the impact of ‘open’ in today’s library environment. The presenter will further discuss how ideas of ‘open’ are increasingly defining library technology and the industry’s approaches to content. The presenter will look at the underpinnings of an open environment, discovery technology and its relevance to discovering open access content.

    Chapter XXXIX: Budapest 11-08-2022
    14:55 - 15:15

    Tamir Borensztajn, Vice President of SaaS & Open Strategy, EBSCO Information Services

    Sponsor Presentation: A Focus on Open: Decentralizing Knowledge with Open Source and Open Data

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