Thomas Kaarsted

Thomas Kaarsted

University of Southern Denmark

    Thomas Kaarsted is Deputy Library Director at the University of Southern Denmark. Together with Anne Kathrine Overgaard he co-founded in 2017 the USD Citizen Science Network. He is an Open Science and Citizen Science advocate and has been project manager for a long range for Citizen Science projects. He is co-chair of the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group. In 2020 he was Library Fellow at the University College London with a focus on designing a Citizen Science strategy.

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    Chapter XXVIII: Ljubljana 10/11/2020
    10:30 - 10:55

    The power of many - Citizen Science at the University of Southern Denmark

    This presentation maps out the approach towards Citizen Science at SDU. First, it lays of the organization and governance of the SDU Citizen Science Network and our mission statement including the strong connection to the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Second, it briefly makes the connection to central taxonomies with in Citizen Science in order define our approach. Third, the presentation presents out a number of cases (Citizen Science projects) from SDU. From narrative medicine to End-Of-Life sustainability, from science communication to marine life and lakes. And last, Citizen Science at SDU has clear directions towards partnerships. We lay out a matrix for discussion on how to engage in a dialogue with researchers and societal actors.

    11:45 - 12:30

    Panel discussion

    Chaired by Miro Pušnik, University of Ljubljana

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