Wilhelm Widmark

Wilhelm Widmark

Stockholm University

    Wilhelm Widmark is the Library Director of Stockholm University scince 2012. He has a Master of Arts in literature and a Master of Arts in library and information science from Uppsala University. Wilhelm is active in the Open Science movement in Sweden and Europe. He is the Vice Chairman of the Swedish Bibsam consortia and a member of the Swedish Rectors conferences Open Science group. He is also a member of EUAs Expert Group on Open Science and since December one of the Directors of EOSC Association.

    Chapter XXXVII Focus on Open Science: Stockholm

    Presentation: Will there be any transformation or are we stuck in the transformative agreements?
    Abstract: Sweden is one of the countries that was early adopters of transformative agreements. Today we have around 25 national transformative agreements and many universities have their own agreements with different publishers. The goal for Sweden is to reach 100% Open access and we reached nearly 75% in 2021. One question is how we can reach the missing 25 %. Another bigger question is about the transition. The Rectors conference in Sweden have started a group “Beyond the transformative agreements” with the mission to come up with a strategy to the consortium for negotiations after 2024. As early adaptors we think that the transition period soon should be over and that the publishers must come up with new business models to reach or demands on 100% Open access in a sustainable way. I will talk about the mission and the work of the group.

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    Chapter XXXVII - Stockholm June 2, 2022
    15:00 - 15:20

    Wilhelm Widmark, Library Director Stockholm University

    Presentation: Will there be any transformation or are we stuck in the transformative agreements?

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