Wouter Haak

Wouter Haak


    Wouter Haak is responsible for research data management at Elsevier, specifically the Mendeley Data platform. This is an open ecosystem of researcher data tools: a data repository, an electronic lab notebook, a data search tool, and a data project management tool. Aside from his work for Elsevier, Wouter is part of several open data community initiatives; for example, he co-chairs the RDA-WDS Scholix working group on data-article linking; he is part of the JISC Data2paper advisory board, and his group participates in the NIH Data Commons pilot project. It is all about the ‘R’ of FAIRdata: focusing on data re-use. Prior to Elsevier, Wouter has a background in online product and strategy roles. He has worked at eBay Classifieds, e.g. Marktplaats.nl, Kijiji.it – in roles varying from business development to overall responsibility for the classifieds businesses in Italy, France, Belgium and Turkey. Furthermore, he has worked for the Boston Consulting Group.

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    Chapter X: Vienna 11-16-2018
    10:50 - 11:10

    Sponsor Talk: Open Data/FAIR Data – Where do we stand: the Scholix example

    There is a divide between “Policy on Science” and “what researchers do & think when they do science”. While everybody nowadays pretty much believes that FAIR data and Open Science is good for all stakeholders, there is still a divide between what researchers do and what policymakers want them to do on a day-to-day basis. In this short talk, I will present a success story from multiple perspectives on how researchers are better rewarded by sharing their data, how policymakers can track better how open data leads to better research, and how publishers, repositories, and platforms were able to work together to make this work in practice. In short, I would like to present the Scholix.org initiative to link articles with data, and how this has helped to bridge the divide between research and policy.

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