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A virtual event organised by:
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), supported by the UCL Office for Open Science University College London, UCL Press, with technical support by Scientific Knowledge Services

Terms and conditions to participate

General terms and conditions to participate
These conditions are applicable to all contributors (speakers, moderators, chairs, panellists, etc) and to all participants.

–  This workshop will be recorded. Your name, your image, including the picture you might choose to display when you have your camera off, your voice and the texts you communicate via Chat, Q&A tools or similar will be captured.
– The results of this workshop will become publicly available.
– The organisers are allowed to upload the results of this event in a public pre-print repository. This might include the edited or unedited conversations and other publications that are based on this event.
– The presentations delivered at this event will be made publicly available
– The organisers could decide on their own judgement to exclude from and to ban for the workshop those contributors or participants who display inappropriate conduct.

Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Policy
SKS Knowledge Services and its partners are committed to the principles of diversity, inclusion, integrity, civility, and respect in all of our activities. We look to you to be a partner in this commitment by helping us to maintain a professional and cordial environment. All forms of discrimination, harassment, and bullying are prohibited in any of our activities. This policy applies to all participants in all settings and locations in which our company is involved and to all activities, including committee meetings, workshops, conferences, and other work and social functions where employees, partners, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, or guests are present.

Thus, by participating in this event, you agree to adopt a tolerant, inclusive and equitable conduct during its course.

Attendee Personal Release
By attending this event, you consent to your voice, image, and likeness being recorded for use and dissemination, without payment of any kind for such use, in any language, format, or media now known or later devised, and you release SKS Knowledge Services and its partners from any and all claims, liability, or damages arising from any such use. SKS Knowlegde Services and its partners will proceed in reliance upon such consent and release. If you do not consent to the foregoing, please do not attend the event.

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@KarelLuyben sets up our discussion: Fundamental research driven by curiosity is critical, linking to pragmatic and utility driven research and industry.
Our basis for collaboration:
– Respect
– Trust
– Friendship #OSBiz2020