Contributor's Hub - OAI13

The Contributor’s Hub is a private webpage tailored exclusively for the OAI13 event’s speakers and chairs. It acts as a one-stop guide, simplifying your contribution journey, eliminating the need for multiple emails.

Please keep the Contributor’s Hub confidential and share it exclusively with the event’s speakers and chairs.

Technology Interaction Overview:

The Studio: This digital stage is only for chairs and speakers. Considering the limited number of seats, we kindly ask you to enter The Studio only during your specific contribution time.

The Engagement Hub: Catered to the wider audience, it also serves speakers and chairs when they are not actively participating in The Studio.

For your convenience, essential information and links are provided below.

Live Studio

To ensure a smooth experience in the Studio, please follow these steps:

  1. Install Chrome on your computer.
  2. Before entering the Studio, pause or mute any videos or audio from other windows or applications.

Test Session: Each day, 30 minutes prior to the start of the session, we will conduct a test session. All related session speakers and chairs are highly encouraged to join this test. It’s a valuable opportunity to address any technical concerns and familiarize yourself with the platform.

For contributors of Sessions 5: We kindly request you to access the Studio 15 minutes ahead of your presentation. Once your segment concludes, we encourage you to exit the Studio and continue viewing the event from the Engagement Hub.
Related Live Studio links for each session are listed below.
Your cooperation ensures a smooth and professional event experience for all. Thank you very much!

Engagement Hub

We invite you to take full advantage of the networking opportunities available. To access the Engagement Hub, kindly follow the link provided:

Orientation Tour Resource Centre

Please review the following documents and videos to familiarize yourself with the technology and ensure a smooth event experience.


Should any unexpected issues arise, kindly proceed to our designated Back-up Studio.

Before you join the event, we would like to ask you:

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